Ireland Adventures

Why do you need a Trip Planner when there’s so much information on the Internet?


Exactly because there's so much information out there on the Internet!

You want to explore Ireland from the inside. You want an experience that challenges you to learn. Your adventure doesn’t have to be a risky physical undertaking but you should expect the unexpected. You want to step outside your comfort zone while exploring an entirely different landscape. We can help you connect the dots to create the adventure of a lifetime.

Do you really want to rough it with the cheapest deal?

Look closely at the details behind that bargain vacation. Most special packages are very good value. Just make sure you add on the airport taxes, ask about any additional fees - and most important – ask what's not included. Compare a couple of packages. Is breakfast the only meal included? Check out that quaint hotel in a guidebook or go to Google Earth, or TripAdvisor. Remember what they say in real estate – location ... location.

Can you afford precious days off ruined by poor planning?

Your vacation is the only time you have to get away. You want to leave home feeling relaxed, comfortable with your itinerary – and with as few takeoffs as possible before your trans-Atlantic flight, so you won't be stuck in airport terminals for hours. Your first cross-cultural encounter should not involve dealing with unexpected problems in an Irish airport or hotel.

What other questions do you have?

  • When is a tour a better choice than going it alone?
  • Which clothes scream Tourist – or American?
  • How do you plan a trip that appeals to adults and kids?
  • Where's an ideal base location if you don't want to pack and unpack daily?
  • What's the secret to driving on the left or on those roundabouts?
  • What if you want something different … that you can't quite articulate?


Trip Planner Service and Itinerary Review

If you're not sure where to start - or if you're on information overload ...


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Some people just want pointed in the right direction while others want more practical advice to plan their independent travels and find the hidden get-a-ways where the locals go. Whether you're a first time traveler to Ireland or a previous visitor seeking an insider's perspective.