Our Motto:  Anticipation is half the fun of any trip!


Travel takes us away from the day-to-day and sets us down in a new landscape with altered and enhanced awareness.

We do an annual 'Live like a Local' Trip - or help you plan your own to go deeper than the average traveler. Essentially, we connect you with people and places!


Our typical Ireland vacation clients:

  • Detail oriented planners who want to research a trip  -  We'll help you focus so as to maximize your time, money, and enjoyment.
  • Online researchers who reserved the flights, but are hesitant about the itinerary  -  We'll review your plan and add the insights to traditional country or contemporary city life.
  • Flexible types who want to get outside their normal comfort zone  - We'll connect you with the poetry, the music, the legends - and a local guide.



Beach Retreat:

However, you can leave the routine behind without crossing the ocean. If Ireland is just a faraway dream, a Beach Retreat girls-getaway might be just what you need.