3 Irish Travel Books

There’s a difference between Guide Books and Travel Books.

Guide Books need updated regularly for prices, ratings, additions and deletions. Travel Books are more of a narrative. One person at a particular point in time taking a journey – usually a transformative experience. The Travel Book is a story while the Guide Book is ‘just the facts’.

There are already three very popular Travel Books about Ireland:

A Golf Course Called Ireland

Tom Coyne, an American, spent 16 weeks walking around entire perimeter of Ireland playing nearly 60 golf links (dunes turned into seaside courses) from Kilkee, County Clare to Ballybunion, County Kerry. He lived out of a backpack, and carried his golf clubs the entire time. At times alone, at other times, he was joined by a friend or relative. You don’t have to be a golfer to enjoy this trip.

McCarthy’s Bar

Pete McCarthy, part-Irish part-English radio personality, traveled the west coast of Ireland one summer from Cork to Donegal, at all times obeying the #1 rule “Never pass a bar that bears your name”.  Just so you know – in Ireland, McCarthy is as common a name as Miller in Lancaster County – so there was no shortage of bars. He went from pub to bed-and-breakfast and on to next pub. You don’t have to be a drinker to enjoy this trip.

Round Ireland with a Fridge

On a bet, British Comedian, Tony Hawks, hitchhiked around Ireland in one month with a kitchen appliance. His journey was followed in the media by the Irish people, who love a crazy character and a good story. This book has been pegged as ‘a classic travel adventure in the vein of Bill Bryson with a touch of Dave Barry’.  You don’t have to be crazy to enjoy this trip.

So take a trip from the comfort of your armchair with any of these writers. Meet some interesting characters and and enjoy the Irish sense of fun – before leaving home. Follow the writers as they make a foray into the Guinness Book of World Records and gain an insider’s and an outsider’s perspective.


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